Sunday, March 03, 2013

Update- 1 year old Eli and 3-1/2 year old Benjamin

Oops, we haven't posted in a is definitely busier!
One year old Eli:
Eli’s favorite things right now include eating, playing in water, trucks, Benjamin and climbing.  The boy can put away food- loves protein; cheese, yogurt, ham, turkey, tofu (& watermelon) are his favorites.  He “vrooms” cars up and down the couch and coffee table.  He loves to be watching, touching, next to or on top of his brother at all times.  He has a high pitched scream that sounds like he is in extreme pain whenever Benjamin takes away one of his toys (can’t wait till he learns to story of “Don’t cry wolf”).  He is a master climber of stairs, pantry shelves, pianos, dining room tables, bathroom counters.   Benjamin has been quite helpful in alerting us to many climbing catastrophes.  He has taken his first steps, but still prefers to crawl everywhere or push his walker.  He is FINALLY sleeping longer stretches- generally from 9PM-6AM.  It’s early, but we’ll take it!  Takes a short morning nap and a long afternoon nap.  He fights sleep with every muscle fiber- it’s like trying to snuggle a spider monkey.  Most clear words are “Dada, Uh-oh, Dog, Up, More, Truck.”  Appearance-wise I think he is going to stay blue-eyed, but I’m still not certain if the red hair is going to stay.  His baby pictures most closely resemble his Aunt Shelby, and she still had red hair at this age (now dirty blonde).  This kid is extreme- such a smiley, happy, giggly boy, but tired or hungry?  Watch out!  He has a fiery temper and has already thrown giant temper tantrums.  Does not like to have his diaper changed at all anymore.  Extremely ticklish.  We have taken him to open swims at Benjamin’s swim school and he adores splashing and playing in the water.
Yes, he climbed up into the sink by himself by using the toilet as a stepping stool.

Three year old Benjamin:
Benjamin is my helper, snuggler and mellow man with a tender heart.  Unfortunately this means his feelings get hurt easily and he can make great crocodile tears.  He gets excited for “stay-at-home” days when we don’t have to go anywhere.  His favorites include Lunch ‘n Play at preschool, riding his bike (with training wheels), swimming lessons, dinosaurs, cars, reading, Duplos, coloring and playing with his buddy down the street; Abbie.  He loves doing crafts and projects where he gets to sit up at the table and cut, glue, color, paint and in general create things that he loves to give away.  He is great at entertaining his little brother, helping put away toys, playing quietly by himself.  He generally sleeps from 9PM-7AM with a 2-3 hr afternoon nap.  My great eater is getting a little pickier.  Current favorites are PB&J’s, mac ‘n cheese/crackers ‘n cheese, apples, watermelon, and any puree that comes in those pouches.  Both kids still get to spend Tuesdays and Thursdays at Nana and Papa’s house while Mama works, but this year Benjamin goes to the Three’s class with Nana in the AM and gets to do Lunch ‘N Play Tuesday afternoons.   Benjamin is a great admirer of Papa and is a comedian in training, often repeating jokes spot on.   Current favorite, “Why did the rabbit go to the dr?  Because he was feeling unhoppy.”  He can write all the capital letters in the alphabet and spells a handful of words like, “cat, dog, mama, dada, Benjamin, hug, Eli, up.”  Still a little awkward at running (it’s endearing J ) and timid, but he’s still a little boy who loves to be outside digging in dirt and playing with balls, rocks and sticks.

As Eli gets more interactive, it is really fun to watch the relationship between the boys grow.  I truely believe they enjoy the time they spend together now, which is refreshing after the rocky first year of brotherhood.


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